TURF FRESH for an Always Fresh, Always Green Synthetic Grass Lawn!

Happy with your new synthetic grass lawn, but not with the smell of dog urine during the hot summer months? Combat the smell of dog urine not just by flushing thoroughly with water which can make the smell worse, but with our pet cleaning and deodorizing cleaner that kills the odor causing bacteria instantly.

Turf Fresh Application Process Recommendations...

Best time to apply

We highly recommend applying Turf Fresh in the morning or evening, so that the sun does not cause the Turf Fresh cleaner to dry out before its powerful enzymes are activated throughout your artificial grass lawn.

Pre-clean of debris

Before applying Turf Fresh to your lawn, make sure it is clean of any dog dander, trash, leaves, dry debris, etc… One way of accomplishing this would be using a leaf blower to blow any debris from both seen and hidden areas.

Wash and rinse

Pre-wash the artificial turf surface with water and brush vigorously with a standard push broom. Be sure to clean off any residue, dirt and mud. Then make one final pass with a garden hose to complete the final rinse.

Spray and soak

Turf Fresh comes with a spray nozzle that attaches to any standard garden hose. This ensures complete coverage with the Turf Fresh cleaner and prevents excess water waste. For best results, spray and agitate.

Order Now for pick up or delivery...

TURF FRESH (16 oz.) - $20

TURF FRESH (1 Gallon) - $45

This is the first product that actually works to remove dog odors. We have tried numerous other products that make the same claim but don’t do a thing to keep odors from coming back. We will recommend this to all of our friends and neighbors who have artificial grass lawns.


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