Technology Behind TigerTurf

TigerTurf artificial grass features exclusive technology designed specifically for landscapes, sports fields, putting greens, and commercial properties. Our products are designed to replicate natural grass features in both look and feel. The soft non-abrasive blades and perforated backing are ideal features for any landscape setting, including sports fields and playgrounds. Each installation need is individually met through top quality tested TigerTurf products. TigerTurf produces synthetic grass systems you can count on for any landscape application. Our superior products are guaranteed to last your lawn, putting green, sports field or playground for years to come.

Proudly Made In America

Here at TigerTurf, we believe in providing a high-quality line of synthetic grass products manufactured in America, by Americans, for Americans. Get a lawn that’s built to withstand the cold, the heat, the foot traffic, and your puppy. Made in the USA so you can feel confident in your purchase.