Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Calculate the artificial grass cost instantly with the artificial grass cost calculator below. This will give you a rough estimate for a new perfect looking, maintenance free artificial grass lawn. Or call us for an exact estimate. Also, be sure to read our article entitled, Artificial Grass ROI to learn more about the Return On Investment of an artificial grass lawn.

1). Search Address

Enter your complete address (Street, City, State, Zip) into the search field and click submit.

2). Zoom Property

Zoom into the property as close as you can for a more accurate measurement.

3). Perimeter Points

Click each point of the perimeter of the area that you'd like to measure. You'll find the total area result/figure at the top, left of the map.

4). Multiply Estimate

For your approximate estimate, multiply the total square footage figure just calculated, by our $9 per square foot price. For an accurate estimate call 888-934-8873