ALWAYS GREEN, KEEPIN IT CLEAN! Artificial Turf Cleaning Service.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS MAINTENANCE, CLEANING AND REPAIR COMPANY, ORANGE COUNTY – More than artificial grass cleaning services, we can remove pet odor, clear drainage, repair torn seams, level high and low spots while maintaining the look and extending the life of your artificial grass lawn on a one-time or on a regular monthly basis. Best artificial turf cleaning service Orange County CA.

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    Always Green, “Keepin it Clean!” Professional Artificial Grass Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair Services in Orange County, CA.

    Forget the hassles, let Always Green maintain your new synthetic grass lawn for you! Best artificial turf cleaning service with years of experience, we know the best cleaning products and overall solutions for properly maintaining an artificial lawn. Call us anytime to book your free maintenance appointment and to have one of our artificial turf experts help you keep your artificial lawn looking always green! We also provide turf maintenance services that go far beyond the typical scenario, repairs and cleaning. If you are experiencing other turf maintenance issues contact us directly with the details as we most likely have the maintenance solution for your unique situation. We are Orange County’s premier artificial grass cleaning service.

    Artificial Grass Cleaning Services

    Full artificial grass cleaning maintenance includes the following services, depending on each customers needs...

    Simply the best artificial turf cleaning service in California. Our artificial grass cleaning and maintenance service features can be tailored to each customer’s needs and can be ordered as needed or on a recurring monthly and quarterly basis for that year around Always Green Always Clean artificial grass lawn. If your a Southern California resident then call us for more information and for a free cleaning and maintenance consultation.

    Urine & Odor Elimination

    Pet Urine Cleaning Service

    Stain Removal

    Artificial Grass Stain Removal

    Surface Refreshing

    Artificial Grass Brushing Cleaning Services

    Weed Removal

    Weed Removal

    Seam Repair

    Artificial Grass Seam Repair

    High & Low Leveling

    Artificial Grass Spot Leveling

    the Always Green, “Keepin it Clean!” program benefits:

    Residential & Commercial Artificial Turf Maintenance Services

    On Demand, Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance Service Plans

    Cleaning & Maintenance Service plans include minor turf repair services

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