December 7, 2023

True Story…


Our family of 5 has been unlawfully surveilled, harassed, censored, threatened and discriminated against by the FBI and their worldwide network for the past 11 years, even though NO crime has EVER been committed. We have 3 beautiful girls, 2 of which were born abroad which I successfully delivered without medical assistance. One birth took place in Jerusalem, Israel in a taxi cab 10 minutes from the hospital. Even though the birth went perfectly and without issues, this fact did not stop the medical staff from launching a barrage of attempts to manufacture a health issue, just so they could separate mom and baby. After 2 days of failed attempts to separate them, as we were held at the hospital (Saint Joseph’s Hospital) against our will for 32 hours, the district head tried a different approach. Admitting she lied to us about our baby’s biliruben levels, she apologized and went on to say “let me love your child too”. I quickly responded by telling her that we are to love our child and that she was just to assist. Interestingly enough, that “let me love your child” statement came from a medical conference in New York City, where doctors were told to say this in order to deceive parents into trusting them… DISGUSTING. The nurses were also using sleep deprivation in hopes of getting my wife to give into their wishes of separating a perfectly healthy baby from her mother. They tried to keep me, the father from entering the room on multiple occasions, while a team of 6 medical doctors and nurses were trying to bully my wife into unnecesary procedures, tests, etc… they even tried to scare us with legal action in the event that something went wrong with our newborn’s health. They brought in a hand written letter that they wrote, claiming it was a legal agreement that freed them from liability. They said I had to sign the non-legal agreement before being released… to sum it up, delivering our baby daughter in a taxi cab was a far more pleasant experience then dealing with these medical Nazis.

Moving on… A friend of ours since childhood, went through a divorce and made the rash decision to become the Treasurer for the Ventura chapter of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. With a clean record, minus traffic violations, the FBI has labeled ME as an ‘Associate’. This label didn’t seem to affect our lives until we were labeled ‘anti-vaxxers’ for our outspokenness about the dangers of vaccines. Now the FBI uses both labels to ruthlessly target our family. They are trying to destroy our health through constant stress and have destroyed our small freelance design business, by calling us Anti-Vaxxers on popular business directories such as Yelp. They were allowed to leave reviews for our business, even though they were not customers of ours. The FBI is blacklisting us everywhere, keeping us from earning a living and supporting our 3 girls. The FBI has defamed our reputation online, scrubbing the web of our 100s of 5-star reviews on sites like Google, UpWork, Yelp, and many others. They have also used Airbnb as a way to follow and harrass our family in-person, and to drop our once perfect rating, gained during 11 years of travel/membership. The FBI has blocked ME
from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social websites for sharing Mercola articles. If I am allowed to access my online accounts, signs of ssl errors and shadow posting are evident. The FBI has blacklisted all of us from banks, job positions, freelancing websites, and more… The FBI also has had us under, non-stop 24/7/365 surveillance, using the communities everywhere we travel, and again, they have been doing this for the past 11 years. We have had countless bank accounts closed without reason and even without our monies being returned. AGAIN, NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OTHER THAN SPEAKING THE TRUTH EVERYWHERE WE GO. Ally Bank still owes us hundreds and even admits this fact. When we travel internationally we are ALWAYS subjected to random interrogations and searches. We have been subjected to countless, almost daily, setup/baiting operations that seem only aimed at incriminating us. The FBI has retaliated against us, because we choose to speakout, without fear, and have exposed some of their unlawful tactics, that they seem very motivated to hide. We have had multiple home break-ins by their agents, that seem meant to only scare us from speaking out. There has even been multiple attempts on our very lives, involving the FBI using law enforcement in other countries. One that we actually have video of, shows multiple attempts by the police to fill our apartment with monoxide gas while we were all asleep. Another incident in Mexico, involved causing my wife to slip and fall while she was 6 months pregnant, then the very same undercover agents which caused her fall, quickly ran in, acting as if they were there to help us. We have had our computers and accounts constantly hacked and compromised. Brand new computers rendered almost useless within days of purchase. Everything our family ships or receives through USPS, FEDEX, etc either are undelivered, or are lost and we never receive a refund. My professional resume was also part of the famous Wikileaks Scandal where 1000’s of top-secret government documents were leaked online. Why my resume was included, we still do not know the reason(s). There have been agents on occasion, who were kind enough to break their silence and confirm what we alreadly knew was happening to our family. They have even used other departments worldwide to track/harrass us, including the use of foreign military. We have had both drones and agents with cameras invading our privacy constantly. We believe we have been made purposefully ill, a few times, by this same network. One incident involved our airline, right before take off, we were reassigned seats at the very last row, where 2 flight attendants began acting ill and asked us if we felt ill. The plane then was made to turnaround and return to the departing airport where we later boarded a different jet. This took place right before the pandemic, during a measles epidemic. The FBI has gone as low as trying to undermind our marriage/relationship, and have tried to alienate us from any assistance and from friends and family. My father, elderly, has also had attempts made on his life as well that can be proven.

Cutting to the chase…

Americans are being exterminated through the PURPOSEFUL misuse of vaccines (COVID), falty medical treatments and medications, foods deprived of essential vitamins, fluorinated water lacking life giving minerals, poor air quality, etc. Hospitals are being used as kill-zones, killing off targeted patriotic Americans. Hospitals, through a series of coordinated medical mishaps, out-dated treatment protocols, misdiagnosis and dangerous over-prescribed medications, these errors end up leading to the targeted person’s death and gets quickly dismissed as natural, or accidental, NOT MURDER. Quite simply, America is at war, or rather the UK is running our government, and Germany is running our medical system. The Nazi spirit is alive and well in today’s medical system.

After traveling and living throughout Latin America for over 6 years, we have personaly witnessed the Anti-American propaganda being spread by Europe, specificaly from British, German and French tourists and expats. We have personally witnessed the purposeful transporting/busing of immigrants from as far down as Honduras and El Salvador, right to the US border in Mexico. And the US government is part of this trafficing as well. Our embassies seem to only exist to supply the large demand for immagrant visas into the US and less about assisting their own citizens abroad.

No one else will say it, because they are living in denial to cope, are complete cowards, or are in spport of this evil agenda. Unfortunately, it is that simple.

We are currently seeking legal counsel/recourse and we are in this fight no matter where it leads us. Even if the world wants to turn it’s back on the real issues, our family will stand strong!