November 24, 2023

How Joe Stole Christmas Book by Matt Voore, ISBN: 8868991097

ISBN-13 ‎979-8868991097

Book overview: Bring the laughs home this Christmas season! An outrageously humourous perspective of today’s current events affecting all Americans during the Christmas season. This book sheds light on some political topics while offering the reader a cheerful spin that will be sure to fill any holiday event with joy and laughter. There’s something for everyone no matter what party one belongs to. Sure to bring Americans together while focusing on what truly matters this season. This book is possibly a classic in the making, don’t miss out.

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About The Author

All too familiar with the phrase “no one likes a smart-ass”, Matt Voore writes and illustrates unrestrained satire on both historical and current events. Born in Santa Barbara, CA, and into a family of engineers and artists. He grew up sailing, surfing and hiking around the Channel Islands. Matt Sr., Matt’s father, was the inventor of the silicon solar photovoltacic wafer (the 1st solar panel) in the 1970’s through his company Astra Sciences. A British company posing as an investor/ customer, stole this process, going on to produce the same technology abroad. Matt’s grandfather, Hugo Voore, after helping more than 800 people escape from Estonia during the German occupation, fled to the US during WWII. Hugo went on to be the lead structural engineer, building the Monorail at Disney World in Florida. Matt was raised accustomed to free-thinking and free-speech, even though this right is quickly eroding away today. He has literally held 100’s of positions in a variety of industries including tech, pharma and government. He held a top-secret clearance, which allowed Matt to access the nearest toilet and to piss alone, while working on a coldwar era base. Also an inventor with patent, Matt has been self employed for most of his adult life, starting with his employment as an assistant engineer while still in high school. He has also globe-trotted with his wife and three girls worldwide, non-stop for over a decade… during which time, Matt delivered two healthy baby girls and a placenta, naturally without medical intervention, one in a taxi cab on route in Jerusalem, while the other at home in a remote area of Guatemala. These experiences have given Matt a broader perspective on societies, from their conception, development, structure and of the similar political power struggles that seem to plague all people of almost every nation worldwide. Free from the restraints of secret oaths, societies, political parties, religious institutions and special interests groups, Matt is free to write, delivering an original perspective you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Especially from the mainstream media puppets and others bound from sharing truth by oaths taken. Like him or not, you can be sure that his works are original and thought provoking. Beware, some of his works will invoke the full-spectrum of emotions, including anger. Not for the faint of heart. And if you are not moved in any way, you are probably a robot.